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Sasi Balasubramaniam
Deputy Director
Walton Institute
Dr Sasitharan Balasubramaniam (TSSG; Communications-PI; male, h-index 25) is the Director of Research with the Telecommunication Software and Systems Group, Waterford Institute of Technology. He has authored or co-authored >100 articles in various journals and conferences, actively participates in a number of IEEE/ACM technical program committees for various conferences. He is also a Funded Investigator for the SFI CONNECT and FutureNeuro research Centres. He was a past recipient of the Academy of Finland Research Fellowship and the SFI Starter Investigator Research Grant. He is currently on the Steering Board Committee of ACM NanoCom conference which he co-founded. In 2018, he was the IEEE Nanotechnology Council Distinguished Lecturer. He was an Associate Editor of the IEEE INTERNETOF THINGS JOURNAL. He is currently an Associate Editor of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOLECULAR, BIOLOGICAL, AND MULTI-SCALE COMMUNICATION, IEEE LETTERS OF THE COMPUTER SOCIETY, Elsevier Nano Communication Networks, and Elsevier Digital Communication and Networks. Sasi’s responsibility in VistaMilk is leading Platform 2 - Communication Systems. He is also co-leading Spoke 4 animal nutrition and Spoke 8 digestive characteristics with Paul Cotter. Within VistaMilk, he is supervising with colleagues three postdoctoral research fellows and co-supervising 3 PhD students in areas of molecular communications modelling and experimentation, and this includes characterising communication within the microbiome, developing of bio-computing and communication for in-animal diagnostics, programmable ingredients, as well as 56/6G for Agri-Tech, where he is also working in the area of sensor networks and climate change monitoring in farm lands using wireless communication technologies; students a in collaboration with the VistaMilk partners Tyndall and Teagasc.
Staff Profile | VistaMilkStaff Profile | VistaMilk