The VistaMilk SFI Research Centre represents a unique collaboration between Agri-Food and information communications technology (ICT) research institutes and leading Irish/through food and ICT companies. VistaMilk welcomes Academic Collaborator’s who will contribute to the development of a transformational research programme to grow a fully inter-connected and responsible food system that positively impacts the environment, while respecting societal values, yet, sufficiently profitable to deliver a viable livelihood for producers and their rural communities.

  • Tackle complex problems through collaborative research
  • Contribute to the sustainable growth of the Irish dairy industry
  • Contribute to a specific task within the Centre
  • Gain access to resources to conduct research

To register interest in becoming an academic collaborator with VistaMilk, please complete the expression of interest form.

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A protocol for the assessment of resource allocation of new and on-going projects can be found here