Industry Overview

The vision of the VistaMilk Centre is to be a world leader in Agri-food technology through innovation and enhanced sustainability across the dairy supply chain, positively impacting the environment, animal well-being and the health of consumers. To achieve this vision VistaMilk recognises that the resources, capabilities and expertise of industry partners will ground its research in the real world.

Industry partnerships are a priority for VistaMilk and we are delighted to be working with over 40 industry partners across a range of sectors in particular agriculture, food and ICT. Whether a multinational corporation, a SME or a start-up, VistaMilk appreciates the benefit that they can bring to Irish agriculture and want to present them with the opportunity to access the leading researchers in agri-technology. 

VistaMilk promotes an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship where both scientific and industry partners are empowered to identify commercial opportunities emanating from the research. Such entrepreneurial activities include spin-out companies, licensing agreements and access to platform research and resources.


To attract as broad a spectrum of industry as possible, VistaMilk has created 4 funding options for our collaborative research. These are:

Industry Overview | VistaMilk

In a wholly- funded project, the industry partner pays the full costs of carrying out the research and receives no funding from Science Foundation Ireland. These projects only include one industry partner.

In a part- funded project the costs of the research are split between the industry partner(s) and the research performing organisation. These projects can include one industry partner (bilateral), a small number of industry partners (multilateral) or many industry partners that have access to view research in the targeted projects, through our subscription model. The subscription model is designed to promote access to participation in the research projects to small companies or start-ups in particular.

To aid this process the VistaMilk will support you throughout the process including;

  • Facilitating and coordinating interaction between key stakeholders (investigators, researchers, industrial collaborators, management) to maximise the impact of the project

  • Determining the type of funding model and associated IP model

  • Defining a Statement of Work, necessary resources and associated budget

  • Frequent review meetings to ensure timely and focused delivery of results

  • Providing the flexibility necessary to cater for early stage R&D project

  • Identifying IP and transfer of knowledge to the company

  • Identifying future activities and additional projects to further advance the technologies

Industry Overview | VistaMilk