VistaMilk National Funding

There are a variety of national funding streams that VistaMilk researchers can benefit from and use to expand their research portfolio. The VistaMilk External Funding Manager is there to help access these opportunities, and also to provide details and clarifications when needed.




Funding Programme Project Institutes involved Researchers involved Project summary

The Walton Institute 

DAFM, STIMULUS Dairy4beef Teagasc Donagh Berry  
DAFM, FIRMPLUS   Teagasc Andre Brodkorb Simple method of encapsulation for food
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship   Teagasc, NUIG Orla O’Sullivan Exploring Irish soil as a reservoir for antimicrobial resistance
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship CounterfactualPBI Teagasc Laurence Shalloo Counterfactual Decision-Making Support for Precision Agriculture
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship ColostroMilk Teagasc, UCD Tom O’Callaghan, Lorraine Brennan Examination of the factors affecting the composition, quality and vitality of bovine colostrum
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship Dairy-Beef integration Teagasc, UCD Stephen Butler Accelerating genetic gain and improving beef output from dairy herds
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship   Teagasc Rita Hickey Assessing the Seasonal, Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental parameters required for optimum production of Bovine Milk Oligosaccharides
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship FutureMilk Teagasc, UCC John Tobin, Alan Kelly Understanding current & future breeding & dietary strategies on the seasonality of Irish milk & their impact on the nutritional, functional & organoleptic properties of Irish dairy products
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship   Teagasc, WIT Norah OShea Development and integration of hygienic and novel processing sensors for detection and monitoring of macro and micro compositional constituents of incoming milk in a dairy plant
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship   Teagasc, UCD Michael Egan Influence of feeding strategy on both short term and long term on milk composition.
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship   Teagasc, UCC Deirdre Hennessy Grassland agronomy practices to increase the persistence of white clover in grazed pasture
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship BIODAIRY Teagasc Olivia Mcauliffe Biotransformation of underutilised dairy residues to novel food additives and renewable products