VistaMilk National Funding

There are a variety of national funding streams that VistaMilk researchers can benefit from and use to expand their research portfolio. The VistaMilk External Funding Manager is there to help access these opportunities, and also to provide details and clarifications when needed.


National Funding | VistaMilk

SFI Supplemental Grant for Displaced Researchers – Ukraine

Background: aim of this new supplemental grant scheme to encourage and enable holders of existing SFI grants, and their associated Host Institutions, to provide opportunities for displaced researchers from Ukraine to join and collaborate on existing SFI-funded grants in order to integrate swiftly into the Irish research system, to enable them to maintain continuity in their research career and to bring added benefit to the SFI grant from their expertise.  

Who can Apply: Teagasc Permanent Researchers (PI on active SFI grants)

Supplemental Grant Duration: 3 -12 months

Budget: Eligible costs in the scheme include

1.    Salary related cost for the research staff

·         Existing PhD: €18,500 per annum + contribution of €5,500 towards fees

·         Postdoc salary: SFI scale Level 2A Point 1

·         Research fellow: SFI scale Level 3 Point 1

2.    Materials and consumable costs up to a maximum of €2,000

3.    A contribution of €2,000 towards the purchase of a computer

Application Deadline: Remain open until further notice

How to Apply: Visit call document here

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SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Programme

Background: aim to support academia-industry interactions in order to address industry-informed challenges. Awards under this programme can be made to academic researchers (at faculty and postdoctoral level) wishing to spend time in industry worldwide through the temporary placement of academic researchers with an industry partner.

Who can Apply: Teagasc Permanent Research Staff (Category applicant)

Postdoctoral Researchers (Category B applicant)

Duration: 1- 12 months (if full time), and 2 – 24 months (if part time)

Budget: max SFI contribution €100,000 in direct cost to support Fellow’s salary and mobility costs only

Under State aid guidelines, the SFI funding rate (aid intensity) can vary from 25% to a maximum of 80% of total eligible project costs depending on the size of the industry partner company and the type of research involved.

The below table summarises the max aid intensity that can be granted by SFI

Industry Partner Company Size:
Category of Research Small company Medium company Large company
Industrial Research with wide dissemination of results 80% 75% 65%
Experimental Development with wide dissemination of results 60% 50% 40%

Application Stage: Full Application submission

Application Deadline: Second deadline – 13:00 Irish time; 19th October 2022

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SFI Frontiers for the Future Programme

Background: larger scale funding for innovative, collaborative and excellent research programmes that have the potential to deliver economic and societal impact.

Who can Apply Teagasc Researchers (Permanent staff)

Budget: €500,000 – €1,000,000 (direct costs)

Duration: 4 – 5 years

Application Deadline: Open, Rolling call

Call Document: View and download the call document here

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SFI Research Centres – Spokes

Background: to enable the addition of new industrial and academic partners and projects to a SFI Research Centre, so allowing the Centre to expand and develop in line with new priorities and opportunities.

Who can Apply: Research Centre Director of the SFI Research Centre. 

Duration: Up to 5 years.

Budget: no minimum or maximum project size

Application Deadline: Open, Rolling call

Call Document: View and download the call document here

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EPSRC-SFI Joint Funding of Research

Background: EPSRC and SFI partnership will support research applications that involve collaborative teams led by researchers from the UK and Ireland. This partnership supports joint research and technology development in the areas of chemistry, engineering, information and communications technologies, materials, mathematical sciences and physics.

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (Permanent staff)  

Duration: Up to 5 year

Budget: max €500,000 direct costs will apply to the ROI budget

Application Deadline: Open; Rolling call

Application Stages: Expression of Interest (3 months prior to planned submission)

Full Application (within 12 months of the invitation date)

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SFI Strategic Partnerships Programme

Background: to foster and develop partnerships of scale, and support standalone initiatives of scale with strong potential for delivering economic and societal impact to Ireland.

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (Permanent staff) 

Duration: Up to 5 years.

Application Deadline: Open, Rolling call

Application Stage: Expression of Interest & Full Application submission on invitation

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Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Feasibility Grant

Background: Award is designed to provide researchers with the ability to validate the commercial opportunity for their technology.

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (Permanent staff).   

Criteria: Engage with Teagasc TTO and EI Commercialisation Specialist in advance.

Duration: 3 months

Budget: €15,000 

Application Deadline: Open call

Application Stage: Full Application submission

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Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Programme

Background: supports collaborative research projects between Irish higher education institutes and companies. Researchers participating in an Innovation Partnership will benefit from the opportunity to work with companies to solve real technical challenges and new product / service development.

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (Permanent staff)

Budget: up to €200,000

Funding – Levels & Criteria: visit call document here

Duration: 6 to 24 months

Application Stage:

  • Phase 1: submit an outline proposal document / apply for an Innovation Partnership feasibility study
  • Phase 2: Full application

Application Deadline: Open deadline every month

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Horizon Europe Coordinator Support Grant

Background: Aim to facilitate the preparatory work leading to a proposal for the coordination of any research project under Horizon Europe. EI Horizon Europe Coordinator-Support covers all fields eligible for funding in Horizon Europe.

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (Permanent staff)

Budget: max €12,500 (inclusive VAT)

Funding Criteria: visit call document here

Application Stage: Full application submission

Application Deadline:

–     Horizon Europe application: prior to the commencement of the preparatory work on the proposal and 10 weeks prior to the call closing (submission) date

–     MSCA Proposal: up to 12 weeks prior to the call closing (submission) date

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National Funding | VistaMilk

US-Ireland R&D Partnership Programme

Background: to promote collaborative and innovative research projects, between researchers and research institutions in the three countries; USA, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Funders: NIFA within USDA (USA); DEFRA (Northern Ireland); DAFM (Republic of Ireland)

Research Areas or Program Area Priorities:

Research Areas AFRI Deadlines
Pests and Beneficial Species in Agricultural Production Systems 25/08/2022
Animal Nutrition, Growth and Lactation 11/08/2022
Welfare and Well-Being of Agricultural Animals 11/08/2022
Diseases of Agricultural Animals 11/08/2022
Animal Breeding and Functional Annotation of Genomes 11/08/2022
Mitigating Antimicrobial Resistance Across the Food Chain 01/09/2022
Sustainable Bioeconomy through Biobased Products 01/09/2022
Sustainable Agroecosystems: Health, Functions, Processes and Management 15/09/2022
Biorefining and Biomanufacturing 29/09/2022
Agricultural Microbiomes in Plant Systems and Natural Resources 06/10/2022
Data Science for Food and Agriculture Systems (DSFAS) 20/10/2022
Inter-Disciplinary Engagement in Animal Systems (IDEAS) 06/10/2022

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (Permanent staff)

Duration: Up to 5 years.

Budget: DAFM funding €350,000 per successful project

Application Deadline: 17:00 Irish time, one month in advance of the AFRI deadline.

Application template and guideline: download here

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National Funding | VistaMilk

2nd EJP Soil External Call

Background: The European Joint Programme “EJP SOIL – Towards climate-smart sustainable management of agricultural soils” has launched an external call with the objective to foster farm management practices, which contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (Permanent staff)

Funder: 17 countries worldwide, including Ireland, plus the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA).

Budget: DAFM is financing Irish participation in transnational projects

Total DAFM budget €1.5M

Max funding per project €500,000

Research Areas: Proposals must address one of the three following topics:

  • Topic-A: Soil restoration practices and management for alleviating land degradation, supporting agro-ecosystem function and maintaining soil organic carbon stocks
  • Topic-B: Managing soils in the context of climate change: understanding impacts on C, N and P cycling and greenhouse gas emissions and removals, using data derived from LTEs and benchmark farms
  • Topic-C: Research and development of innovative methods and sensing technologies to provide an integrated monitoring and mapping of farm management practices taking also into account physical attributes and vegetation characteristics relevant to SOC sequestration, soil health and degradation.

Important Dates:  Deadline Pre-registration of project: 14:00 CEST; 20th June 2022

 Proposal submission: 14:00 CEST; 14th September 2022

Download the call document: from here

Online submission system: available here

Guidelines for Irish Applicants: visit DAFM page here. Download the guideline here

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National Funding | VistaMilk

EPA Research Event Support Funding

Background: The EPA Research Programme consider applications for the financial support of small workshops, seminars, and other events which showcase current Irish research by the organisers and EPA funded groups.


  • The amount of funding per event will not exceed €3,000.
  • Funding is not provided for large-scale events, conferences, symposiums, festivals etc.
  • Funding is only provided for events with a clear relevance to Irish environmental research priorities and on the condition that the events are run on a not-for-profit basis.
  • The event should target other researchers working in the area and the expected end-users of the research (e.g. local authorities, EPA, government departments, industry, academia, etc).

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (PhD student, Contract and Permanent staff)

Award: max €3,000

Application Deadline: Rolling call with four submission deadlines each year

(31st December; 31st March; 30th June; 30th September).

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ESAI/EPA Grassroots Workshop Support Scheme

Background: to assist early career researchers with the delivery of workshops that fall within the remit of the ESAI and EPA. This scheme is open to postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers who are members of the ESAI and who are conducting research relevant to the EPA remit.

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (PhD student and Postdoctoral researchers)

Award: €600

Application details: Visit this page and down load application form from here

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National Funding | VistaMilk

Networking & Marine Research Communication Awards 2022

Background: the Marine Institute encourages applicants to consider eligible supports that do not require travel, including Open Access Publications, media-productions and virtual events (conferences, workshops and training courses).

Award Categories:

1.    Hosting Workshops & Conferences: max €2,000

2.    Research Awards – Event and training opportunities: min €300 & max €1,200

3.    Marine Research Communication: max €2,000 for open access publication and €2,000 for a media production

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (including PhD student and Postdocs)  

Application guideline: download from here

Application deadline: open on a two-monthly rolling basis

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Applied Partnership Awards 2022

(Irish Health & Social Care System)

Background: The award requires a joint application encompassing both researchers and knowledge users to develop research projects that address a specific need within the Irish Health or Social Care system. It aims to support applied research projects that advance timely and relevant research and optimise knowledge translation into policy and practice. It should be clear in the proposal how the knowledge user will be integrated throughout the project. The outcome of the research should have a direct impact on decision-making in the knowledge user organisation.

Who can Apply: Teagasc Researchers (Permanent staff)

Duration: between 12 to 24 months

Budget: max €200,000 (inclusive overhead)per award

minimum co-funding commitment of 20% from the knowledge user organisation of the total amount requested from the HRB

Call document: download from here

Application Deadline: Call-1 – deadline passed

Call-2 – 15:00 Irish time; 1st February 2023

Application Stage: Full application submission

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Funding Programme Project Institutes involved Researchers involved Project summary

The Walton Institute

DAFM, STIMULUS Dairy4beef Teagasc Donagh Berry
DAFM, FIRMPLUS Teagasc Andre Brodkorb Simple method of encapsulation for food
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship Teagasc, NUIG Orla O’Sullivan Exploring Irish soil as a reservoir for antimicrobial resistance
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship CounterfactualPBI Teagasc Laurence Shalloo Counterfactual Decision-Making Support for Precision Agriculture
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship ColostroMilk Teagasc, UCD Tom O’Callaghan, Lorraine Brennan Examination of the factors affecting the composition, quality and vitality of bovine colostrum
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship Dairy-Beef integration Teagasc, UCD Stephen Butler Accelerating genetic gain and improving beef output from dairy herds
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship Teagasc Rita Hickey Assessing the Seasonal, Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental parameters required for optimum production of Bovine Milk Oligosaccharides
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship FutureMilk Teagasc, UCC John Tobin, Alan Kelly Understanding current & future breeding & dietary strategies on the seasonality of Irish milk & their impact on the nutritional, functional & organoleptic properties of Irish dairy products
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship Teagasc, WIT Norah OShea Development and integration of hygienic and novel processing sensors for detection and monitoring of macro and micro compositional constituents of incoming milk in a dairy plant
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship Teagasc, UCD Michael Egan Influence of feeding strategy on both short term and long term on milk composition.
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship Teagasc, UCC Deirdre Hennessy Grassland agronomy practices to increase the persistence of white clover in grazed pasture
Teagasc, Walsh Scholarship BIODAIRY Teagasc Olivia Mcauliffe Biotransformation of underutilised dairy residues to novel food additives and renewable products