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Mastitis is one of the most common infections on dairy farms around the world today, with approximately 20-30% of cows in any herd likely to become infected each year. Mastitis infections have many negative results such as reduced milk yield, veterinary costs, and increased risk of early culling. Clinical mastitis infections create swelling or clotting in the udder and are visible to farmers, while sub-clinical mastitis infections do not result in visible symptoms and can only be detected through dedicated examination, for example by measuring Somatic Cell Count (SCC) or using tests.

This group focuses on the latest research directly or indirectly related to mastitis in cows. The meetings are online, on the first Friday of each month, from 12:00 to 13:00 Irish Time.

Upcoming meetings

Date Speaker Affiliation Presentation title
3rd December 2021 Dr. Dorota Anglart
  • Farm Management Specialist, Animal Intelligence, ¬†DeLaval International, Tumba, Sweden
  • Adjunct Researcher, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala Sweden
Sensor based indicators of mastitis and milk quality

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