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John Breslin
Funded Investigator
John Breslin is Director of the TechInnovate/AgInnovate programmes, and holds a Personal Professorship in Electronic Engineering at the National University of Ireland Galway. He is a Research Leader at the Data Science Institute, Co-Principal Investigator at the Confirm SFI Research Centre for Smart Manufacturing and the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics. He co-created the SIOC framework, which has been implemented in hundreds of applications on over 25,000 websites. He has a h-index of 39 (6,200 citations) for 200 peer-reviewed academic publications (with best paper awards from IOT, SEMANTICS, ICEGOV, ESWC, PELS), and co-authored the books “The Social Semantic Web” and “Social Semantic Web Mining”. He is co-founder of,, and StreamGlider, and has also won two IIA Net Visionary awards. John Breslin is the lead for Platform 3 data. John supervises a postdoctoral researcher and PhD student in this field of research within Insight.
Staff Profile | VistaMilkStaff Profile | VistaMilk