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Seamus O'Mahony
Funded Investigator
Seamus O'Mahony graduated from UCC with a BSc in Food Science and a PhD in Food Science and Technology in 2001 and 2005, respectively. He was awarded the National University of Ireland travel bursary in Food Science and Technology in 2002, which facilitated conducting part of his PhD studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. On completion of his PhD studies in 2005, Seamus was awarded an Embark Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology. Seamus’s current research programme at UCC focuses on (1) food ingredients, structure and functionality, (2) isolation, enrichment and purification of food constituents, (3) nutritional product formulation, processing and functionality and (4) protein-carbohydrate interactions in food systems. Since joining UCC, Dr O'Mahony has attracted over €4m in research income through competitive domestic and international funding programmes (e.g., FIRM, IRC, Enterprise Ireland, industry funding and EU FP7). Seamus O’Mahony’s research aligns with Spoke 4 animal nutrition and is a co-supervisor in Spoke 8 digestive characteristics with Teagasc.
Staff Profile | VistaMilkStaff Profile | VistaMilk