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John Tobin
Academic Collaborator
As Head of Food Chemistry and Technology Department based in Teagasc Moorepark. Dr. Tobin’s primary research interests include the links between dairy science, process technology and process engineering. Process technology platforms he is involved in include thermal processing, evaporation, spray drying, homogenisation, high shear technologies and separation/ fractionation technologies. In particular his primary areas of expertise revolve around the complete deconstruction of milk by filtration and separation technologies, coupled with mapping of the physical partition of milk components during fractionation. He is also extensively involved in thermal processing particularly relating to the controlled denaturation and aggregation of protein streams in both low and high dry matter environments. His experience in thermal processing covers both direct (PHE/THE) and indirect (steam injection/infusion) technologies and also delves into the stability and interactions of complex nutritional formulations within all facets of thermal and concentration processes. John is involved with research in spoke 7 dairy processes.