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Stephen Butler
Academic Collaborator
Stephen Butler is a Research Officer for Reproductive Physiology & Systems Biology based in Teagasc Moorepark. His research interests include the effects of genetic merit for fertility traits on ovarian follicular development, uterine environment and embryo quality, identify physiological mechanisms that underpin differences between high and low fertility cows, endocrinology of reproduction and nutrient partitioning, regulation of the GH-IGF axis. Design and evaluation of oestrus and ovulation synchronisation protocols for seasonal-calving systems, and development of decision-support systems to identify appropriate protocols. Use of micronutrients to improve reproductive performance of pasture-based dairy cows. Evaluating the potential role of sexed semen in Irish dairy herds and implications for the dairy industry. Development of strategies to predict phenotypic male fertility. Stephen is involved with research in spoke 6 Animal Breeding and co-supervises one PhD student with UCD.
Staff Profile | VistaMilkStaff Profile | VistaMilk